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LOJIC Team Begins Total System Redesign


LOJIC Team Begins Total System Redesign

LOJIC partners recently initiated a major project to redesign all components of the LOJIC GIS IT architecture. The project, expected to take approximately seven months, is intended to improve overall system performance, restructure and reorganize LOJIC geodatabases, upgrade applications, expand the use of web-based GIS technologies and build a modern IT foundation for supporting the very latest Esri software and capabilities.

Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) was selected to lead and execute the LOJIC redesign effort with technical assistance from Esri and project management guidance from Croswell-Schulte IT Consultants. Stakeholders and active participants in the project include LOJIC staff, LOJIC Steering Committee, MSD IT Operations staff and key users from across the LOJIC community.

On February 27-28 the project began with a morning kick-off meeting held in the MSD Board room with the LOJIC Policy Board and all LOJIC stakeholder teams to discuss the purpose, goals, approach, general work plan and milestones of the highly collaborative project that includes the following primary work areas:

  • Preparation of detailed system specifications and work plan
  • Enterprise database clean-up, refinement and configuration
  • On-premise hardware and network improvements
  • Exploration of potential Cloud services
  • System configuration and implementation
  • On-premise GIS software installation, configuration and deployment
  • Integration with external systems and databases

Beyond the morning kick-off session, the consultant team met with the LOJIC Steering Committee, MSD IT Infrastructure staff and LOJIC staff. From information gathered during the two days on site, Esri team is working to define optimal LOJIC IT architecture required to support ArcGIS 10.6 and ArcGIS Enterprise and GTG/Croswell-Schulte are developing a detailed work plan and task schedule.

More information will be posted as this important project progresses.