If one of the LOJIC Interactive Maps is not working properly, view these suggestions.

Interactive Map Help

Clear your browsing data. Do a Google search to learn how to do that for the particular internet browser you are using.

Here are other suggestions to resolve issues when the LOJIC Interactive Maps are not working properly for you.

  • Click on the red button with an arrow in the lower left corner to open the map in full screen mode.
  • Try a different internet browser. LOJIC Online is tested to work with the latest version of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.
  • Try opening it in a private browser window. In Microsoft Edge use an InPrivate window.  If using Google Chrome use InCognito window.
  • Check your browser to make sure it allows Javascript and more specifically to allow https://js.arcgis.com and cdn.rawgit.com
  • Check your anti-virus or ad blocking software to allow Javascript and more specifically to allow https://js.arcgis.com and cdn.rawgit.com.

Here are suggestions to resolve issues when the LOJIC Online map tools (Buffer, Draw, LOJIC Reports, Measure, X/Y Coordinate) are not working properly in your internet browser.

  • Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome are the only two browser supported for LOJIC mapping applications.  If you are using any other browser, try switching to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
  • In your computer Display Settings (right click on your desktop and click Display Settings), set the Scale and layout to 100% on all your screens.
  • In the Chrome window, click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner and set the Zoom to 100%
  • From a Google Chrome shortcut, right click and open Properties, select the Compatibility tab. Check on "Override high DPI scaling behavior." Scaling performed by: System. Click OK.

If none of these work or if you need assistance doing these, contact your IT staff. In particular share the ones involving  https://js.arcgis.com and cdn.rawgit.com with your support person.