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Partnering to Share Our Community’s Geographic Information

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We develop interactive maps, maintain geographic data, and provide a variety of map and data services for Louisville, KY.


Our mapping applications, story maps, and printable map pdfs are the most comprehensive collection of Jefferson County's GIS data on the web. 

LOJIC Online

LOJIC Online

Provides a geographic overview of our community, with data on parcels, taxing districts, zoning, utilities, and more.

LOJIC Online

Map Hub

Map Hub

Our map collection includes interactive apps for neighborhoods, political districts, snow events, and more. See all of our maps!

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LOJIC makes some of our countywide datasets available on our Open Data Portal. We also can extract site specific data in AutoCAD or Esri data formats.

Open Data

LOJIC's public platform for exploring, analyzing, and downloading open datasets.

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LOJIC Open Data Portal

Explore Map and Data Bundles

View the LOJIC Online Map and the download data used in it.

LOJIC Online Map and Data Bundle


We provide services for your custom requests to extract site specific area in AutoCAD or Esri data formats. We also can make custom maps based on your area of interest and scale.

We provide technical assistance to help you use our interactive maps and other features on our web site.

Custom Requests

Custom Requests

LOJIC Staff can extract data for a project specific area in AutoCAD and Esri data formats and can make custom maps up to 36 inches in one dimension.

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Techical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Contact LOJIC staff if you have questions about our maps or data or if you want to learn more about LOJIC.

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