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Access to the LOJIC Citrix network is limited to authorized and trained individuals within Louisville Metro Government, MSD, the Louisville Water Company, the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator, TARC, Bullitt County EMA and Planning, the Louisville Housing Authority, the City of Jeffersontown, Buechel Fire District, and Middletown Fire District.

If you are staff in one of the above mentioned agencies and are interested in using ArcGIS Desktop on the LOJIC Citrix network, Contact us.

Log into the LOJIC Citrix Network

Instructions for ArcGIS 10.2.1 Desktop initial user setup.

Spotlight Maps/Articles:

Training Opportunities:

ArcGIS 10 training: Free Online ArcGIS 10 training is available on the LOJIC web site. Click here to select from various topics including Editing, ModelBuilder, Data Driven Pages and Citrix tools.




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