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Spacer Spacer The Louisville/Jefferson County Information Consortium (LOJIC) represents a multi-agency effort to build and maintain a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) to serve all of Louisville Metro, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Present LOJIC participants include the Louisville Metro Government, Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD), the Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) and the Louisville Water Company. All participants are sharing the cost and effort involved in the full development and successful implementation of LOJIC. LOJIC currently has a staff of 10 employees.

In 1985, MSD commissioned PlanGraphics, Inc. (Frankfort, Kentucky), to implement a study to determine the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of developing a comprehensive GIS for Jefferson County. The feasibility study focused on mapping and related data needs of various organizations; a conceptual computer system design; system cost/benefits; and methods of financing and cost allocation.

As a result of the feasibility study, MSD decided to take the lead in the initial implementation of LOJIC and solicit formal participation from other public agencies and utilities as early as possible. Formal lease/purchase agreements now exist between MSD, Louisville Metro Government, PVA and the Louisville Water Company as full partners in the development of LOJIC. Primary components included in the LOJIC system are hardware/software, data, applications development, products, training, and technical support.

The LOJIC Wide Area Network includes connections to MSD (Planning/Development, Stormwater Management, Engineering Records, Industrial Waste, Revenue, Customer Service, Information Technology); Louisville Metro (Public Works, Maintenance, Solid Waste Management, Inspections/Permits/Licenses, Police, Metro Fire Department, EMS, Health Department, Metro Parks, Development Authority, Planning and Design Services, Board of Elections, Air Pollution Control, Health Department, Disaster & Emergency Services); PVA, (Property Mapping, Residential/Commercial Assessment) and the Louisville Water Company.

Implementation of LOJIC has progressed and gained momentum as a source of reliable geographic information for all of Jefferson County. LOJIC is an excellent example of cooperation, communication, and coordination among various public agencies and utilities in an attempt to develop a shared GIS to the benefit, not only of the participants themselves, but the entire Louisville and Jefferson County community as a whole.

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